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Goldragon Thread Manufacturing Corporation

We are known for our personalized service that ensures fast and efficient delivery of our quality products. We have updated high-speed machines with individual computerized counters for each head to be able to guarantee accurate length count. We keep up with technological advancements to serve you better and in a more convenient way.

Goldragon Sewing Threads | Globe ThreadsGoldragon sewing threads are available in a number of substrates, ranging from spun and polyester to core spun polyesters, available in various sizes, colors and specifications to be able to fulfill client needs. Our own sewing threads are available in fine counts to course counts for spun and in different put-ups, from 100 meters in spools up to 20,000 meters per cone.

Thread Color Cards | Sewing Thread Color Chart

Goldragon color catalogues have a total of 383 different colors that customers can choose from and we are still in the process of expanding our color variants. Using the highest grade of dyes to maintain colour fastness from heavy washing. We do dye-to-match (DTM) for special shades that customers need.