Globe Rugged


When stitching denim, it’s important to use the right thread and sewing-machine needle for the fabric thickness. Globe Rugged is cotton-covered polyester that’s extra thick and durable. Its gold color mimics the original thread found on most jean top stitching.

Globe Rugged is produced in a selected shade range for denim, using special selected dye stuffs which withstand color change when subjected to the bleach treatments used in denim wash down processes. Globe Rugged is made to give denims and jeans an maximum STRONG HOLD which give an outstanding sewing performance and excellent protection for seams against abrasion, ideal for stone washing processes.

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  1. Mario P.Villanueva

    dear sir / madame
    i would like to inquire about your denim thread
    do you have the cheapest price of denim thread that we can use for our weaving requirement colored blue , we are weavers of abel iloko


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