About Us

GOLDRAGON THREAD MANUFACTURING CORPORATION was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 1994. It is primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing various threads and trade/export the same on retail and wholesale basis. Its factory is located at Eccofood Compound, L. Urrutia Street, Malanday, Valenzuela City .


The company initially started its operation with five (5) employees to operate its six (6) sets of precision winding machines, then offering fine counts of threads. Due to its dedication to produce high quality of threads and aggressive marketing, the company was able to penetrate the discriminating local market. After four years in operation, its clients and their demands increased. Its market includes not only in Metro Manila Area, but also the Northern and Southern region of Luzon.

To meet its ever increasing local market demands, the company expanded its operation by adding twenty (20) sets if precision winding machines. It also extended its product lines to include course count of threads and the texturized or single thread. The threads are also dyed in its sister company/affiliate, Sun Fortune Inc., a dyeing company located in Malanday, Valenzuela City, so that it can accept dye-to-match job orders to satisfy the desired color specifications of its clients.

Thus, with the foregoing and the acquisition of another twenty five (25) sets of brand new machines using the latest technology of precision winding, Goldragon Thread Mfg. Corp., is now considered a fully integrated mill. Its production capacity is at a minimum of 100,000 cones per month.

The company, noted for its personalized service, is committed to deliver quality products. Thus, to ensure efficiency and quality competitiveness, its employees undergo extensive training and value formation. It is now employing competent and highly skilled machine operators working on a 24-hour rotation basis.